If only you could eat this post, and understand! (food for thought)

The world is going through a lot, right now, and with these on-goings, it falls upon on to prioritize what to consider first. Right from the time we saw the light; opening our eyes into this big bright world, we were titled as the makers and guardians of ourselves, our lives and of coexistence. Coexisting, with the nature and how it has molded the world for us – well because, harmony is essential. But look at us, destroying away the beauty, for reasons incomprehensible and for the motive of power.

When will we realize that the world is burning under our feet?

When will the time come, when we think and ponder about things like:

  1. World Peace:
    Sounds like a paradox, but with the right learning/teaching, we can prevent people from believing in hatred and harm. We have the power to change ideologies. We have the resources to preach education and wisdom.
    Why are people at war?
    Where in the books about religion, is it written about destruction?
    Where is the part talking about domination?
    Why do we need all that?
  2. Sustainability:
    With the dawn of extinction of the natural resources, sustainability stands at one of the major concern points for our future. Yes, I agree people are already working on it, but we have to understand that we are a part of the process, too. We are solely responsible on how we make use of our resources, how we pollute the earth and how economical we have to be while utilizing those resources. Keeping the roads clean for the future to walk on, is not only my concern but should be yours too.
  3. Spirituality:
    Many people find spirituality in religion, but this is not that. Spirituality is the connection with one’s own soul and achieving personal growth and  a blissful experience while at it. Yes, religion is a way to believe in something good and praying gives us assurance. Yes, that is a way. But, we have to understand that these are both, different things.  In today’s contemporary world, we have various paths to find spirituality. It has to be considered that every person has his or her, own spiritual path, to take. Finding that source of positive is not only necessary for you, but for the society, for the enclave of all the humans – with the sole purpose of eliminating negativity.
  4. Transformation:
    Transformation of the under-privileged, transformation of places where men marry more than one women, only so that they can send them to fill water from accessible areas, transformation of all the people, adding rust to the state of affairs, transformation of things that have ceased mattering into things that matter the most. Transforming into a butterfly from the deadly cocoon we have wrapped ourselves into.
  5. There are just about a 100 things which are important, some written below are the feed to your mind to think about. (I’ll keep updating this post because this one, talks about all that this blog intends to be.)

Organic Living




Mind Expansion








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