From where I came & what I became..

From being dependent to being independent to being interdependent, the last few years have been providing to me, a shocking insight to the thinking process which I have always followed – to go with the flow. I have always been the happy-go-lucky guy, but the notion which clearly stands out in front of me today, says that – luck prevails, only when you have the attitude of getting things done for yourself and for the life that grows around you.

Working a 9:00 am – 9:00 pm job, in a place I hate from the bottom of my heart, with the people I could never adjust with, only made me realize that maybe I was incapable of adjusting to the people around me. Mostly because I had never spent time with such people and also because they were far too unconventional to/for me.

Better still, working also made me realize that I was at par with anybody and everybody, if I had the correct knowledge. From being the class bunker, to winning an award in my company, I was still the same guy – but, with a different set of people. The first set, from my earlier days were jovial and fun, they had an insight about things which were interesting to me and I swayed away my time with them, thinking very little about studies and other important things at hand. Now, the current set of people, I have around me, have no insight nor a thought which match with mine- hence I focus all of my attention to my work.
Moral? : It was all about me from the beginning. It was all in my hands. Maybe I let the people around me shape the path, which I walked, but the steps were always mine.

So, to think about it now, I came from no where and I still have a long way to go. Just that I found a clarity – at the end of the day, everybody is for himself/herself. And as I learn to sail my ship today, I am rather looking up for the storm as I am prepared for the challenges that come my way. Getting lucky was a part of me, but getting it done seems more real now.





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