Pray for Humanity!

In lieu of the recent happenings in France and Beirut, this post was mandatory; not only for condolences or to criticize the ones behind it, but to think and again think – WHY?

People lost lives. People lost families. Parents lost children. Children lost parents. The ones responsible, lost humanity.

The nature of such attacks, unfortunately, can only ignite racial/religious abuse of innocent people. People who were far from the inception of these attacks, or even the ideologies of the attacks. People who are merely bonded with the terrorists by religion.

The severity with which Paris was attacked, was too much. But Beirut faced the same – suicide bombings. Why is it that we woke up only to support France?
Why direct our prayers to only one corner of the planet, when the whole world is covered with sham, shambles and chaos.

Who is responsible? Us.
You rarely see a monkey with a gun or a tiger with a bomb.
It’s us. Responsible for the chaos in the world.

The cure? None. There is no peaceful way to end this.

Pray for the ones who passed away, but also, pray more for the ones who have lost their mind. Pray that they become more human and pray that wars end.

The world is falling apart, from all the corners.


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