What would you attempt to do, if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

This, by far is the scariest question I have ever come across.
Seriously? What would you do?

Well, don’t expect me to get to the point straight away; my mind is still wandering in the void, the question has created in my mind.
Why is it scary, you ask?

  • Empty your mind.
  • Read the question.
  • Find an absolute space. (A place for self-reflection)
  • Close your eyes, cut off and ask yourself, “What would you do?”

The choices are limitless.

Ever since we can remember, our minds have been creating desires for us. Imagine you could end things before they even start.

End wars, start revolutions, end corruption, end the fight in the name of religion. Well, because I think religion (very specifically religion and not the belief in god/gods) has become a tool to keep people from thinking logically. Especially when you look at indoctrination and the fact that most people don’t make informed choices when it comes to such an important belief. Religion is also moving into a position where many of the religious view science as anti-god. Consequentially, millions of people are refusing to even learn about the world around them because it contradicts the religion that was handed to them.

Then, I look at war and how much violence, intolerance, and outright hate has been justified by religion. I would never claim that all wars and violence would end without religion, but I’d love to see the difference that I know it would make. I’d love to see a world where believing in any single thing (without exception) for which there is no evidence is laughable. I’d love to see people given a much better chance at exploring and learning about the world around them and the wonderful things that would come from that. But then, that’s a viewpoint, among a galaxy of viewpoints in my mind. Similarly, you’ll find your answer too.

From eradicating hunger and poverty to cater for world needs or do something for personal good, you have that one wish, which is going to come true.

Then again, it’s scary – the question, because it eliminates the chance of failure. What if you want to fail? You will fail at failing. You end up, stuck in a paradox.

This question is a void. And the answer is similar, as changing time. You have to fail. Just as the yin needs the yang, our life has to embrace failure.


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