Coming back to life!

That heading was stolen straight out of a Floyd song.

Starting on facts, lets jump on the main things quickly:

  • HELLO!
    • Over a year since I said that. But, I can’t help it. Major changes happened over year, since we last met.
  • The changes?
    • I got a JOB!
      Imagine, coming out of college, in the blink of an eye and holding your call letter. Then, imagine the enthusiasm of a child’s mind, entering the giant world of corporate, overlooked by the fierce/joyous shadows of the upper tribe; your seniors. That enthusiasm, of a child’s mind, as I said – it is imaginative.
      Things change once you start working. There’s your personal life at one end and the professional – overpowering all the ends, if there were more than two, in your mind.
      If you never got a chance to learn to be responsible, life becomes your teacher. The one you can never fool.
    • I grew up.
      I learnt my chores, I learnt the best 3 fold rule of adjustment – Adapt > Improvise > Overcome, I learnt how sweet it is – the bliss of earning money.
      I learnt that your lifestyle defines who you are, your way of living showcases your habits and your success at work. […] – loads more in the same criteria.
    • I relocated.
      Chennai – a life changing place. This is where I currently stay. Life is so different as a Software Engineer.
  • Affected?
    • Too much.
    • Change is harsh .
    • I lost touch in writing. No problemo – the universe is in the head.
    • I have no internet at home. I’ll appear here sometimes.
    • Maturity – that double-folded.

So basically, this post is about coming back to a version of me which wrote. I’d like to continue this, on behalf of a couple of people, making me promise, to write and never stop.
Writing teaches you a lot. The more you want to write, double that and that’s how much you have to read first.

But nevertheless, Hi Again!
Wish you a great day and here starts a new sail of my kayak, on a flow through the ravines of my thoughts. :)


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